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Coconut provides PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, Java, NodeJS and .NET libraries
# Our mission at Coconut is to make video encoding simple
# for you developers, so you can focus on making great apps!
  "api_key" => "k-api-key",
  "vars" => {"cdn" => "s3://accesskey:secretkey@mybucket/$vid", "vid" => 1234},
  "source" => "",
  "webhook" => "$vid",
  "outputs" => {
    "mp4:1080p::quality=4" => "$cdn/videos/1080p/video.mp4",
    "mp4:720p::quality=3" => "$cdn/videos/720p/video.mp4",
    "httpstream" => "$cdn, hls=/hls, dash+hlsfmp4=/dash, playlist_name=video",
    "jpg:300x" => "$cdn/previews/thumbs_%3d.jpg, every=10",
    "gif:150x" => "$cdn/previews/animated.gif"

They encode 35M minutes of video with us each month

Robust features to get things done.

Auto-scalable Architecture

Auto-Scalable Architecture

An AWS-powered architecture, that scales in seconds — whether you’re transcoding 1,000 minutes or 1 million daily.

Easy to use API

Easy-to-use API

A clean and beautiful API to play with, making your integration a breeze Read the doc

Video Formats

H264, HEVC, VP9, ProRes

iOS, Android, browsers, TVs... We can ingest almost every available codecRead the doc

DRM and Encryption

DRM & Encryption

The highest security standards to protect your valuable video content Read the doc

HTTP Live Streaming


Package for both HLS and MPEG-DASH for the best streaming experience Read more

CDN Delivery

To and From any CDN

We support Amazon S3, Google, Azure, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, and more supported CDN

Smart API, video manipulation, transmuxing, 2-pass, thumbnails, GIF, watermark, official client libraries...

This Control Panel is your best companion.

API Request Builder

Generate customized code thanks to our intuitive interface.

Webhook Inspector

A tool to inspect and debug HTTP notifications we send without writing server-side code.

URL debugger

Having trouble converting a file? The source URL can be the cause, our URL debugger will tell you.


Monitor your encoding activity month after month and get an overview over the year.

Video Previews that ROCK.

Static thumbnails

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Animated GIF

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Video Preview Device

Hundreds of happy developers & companies.

Customers that use our video encoding platform
Adam CellaryCo-founder of Unstock
It’s the 3rd project we are running on Coconut.
Integration, customer support and encoding quality are really great!
read more
Jogg Studio
Chris OrdalCo-founder of Jogg Studio
After looking around at available options,
Coconut was the obvious choice.
read more
Box Office Buz
Ronald NichollsCo-founder of Box Office Buz
The implementation resulted in far less coding
than any other encoder we have used.
read more
Adam Cellaryco-founder & CTO at
This was second time I choose Coconut over other services.
Coconut just works! :)
read more
Atende Simples
Andre SantosCTO at Atende Simples
Coconut was a perfect solution for us.
In 3 days we were up and running.
read more
Distinct Marketing
Jani GyllenbergFounder of Distinct Marketing
Coconut was a no brainer: great API that saved us a ton of time, amazing support, and lighting fast processing.
read more
Adam CellaryFounder of Elly
Switching from Amazon Transcoder to Coconut was super easy. Thanks to well documented API, the integration only took us one evening.
read more
Media Prime
Marco PalermoDigital Strategist at Media Prime
Coconut has insanely accelerated our video encoding process, letting us focus on our real goal: delivering great video contents to our followers.
read more
Tom GreyCEO of WebCast-TV
Using Coconut has really simplified our video transcoding by leaving the technical aspect to them as well as the hardware and infrastructure required.
read more
Walter MooreCTO of Arreya
With Coconut encoding behind the scenes, Arreya users can now easily upload their video content from any device.
read more
Karaoke Smart
Manuel SolórzanoCo-founder & CTO of Karaoke Smart
It's so simple and easy to setup and run encoding. Love this product, possibly one of the best.
read more
Marius NettumWeb Developer at TryApt
Coconut offered fast and reliable encoding. We can highly recommend it to everyone.
read more
Chris OrdalCEO at Jogg
We chose Coconut because we needed a fast, reliable, and scalable media encoding option that we could easily integrate into our platform.
read more
Vandit PanvelkarCreative Strategist at Bonzai
It hardly took an hour to have our first encoding request to go through because APIs were very well documented.
read more
John RobinsCEO at Newzpoint LLC
We are delighted and would recommend Coconut to anyone.
read more
Santi HerreroCo-Founder and CTO at Edpuzzle
We have tried a couple of different companies but Coconut was the simplest to use from a engineering perspective.
read more
Nathan SkwortsowFounder of Famipix
I am impressed by the speed and quality at which videos are encoded.
read more

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