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Monitor your jobs

Jobs page

All in real time

Track progress and status for all your jobs. Get useful information like metadata, processing time, and errors if anything goes wrong.

Job preview

Quick preview

Have a look at the content directly on your dashboard with video preview and embed thumbnails and GIF. Check the media quality and if it's not good enough, improve it in the next API call.

Replay and inspect your notifications

Notifications, a big part of your transcoding workflow.

Notification details

Notifications are a fundamental part of the Coconut API. They are sent whenever an output is done processing or a job is completed. You can review all notifications for a given job, inspect the JSON payload and replay it if necessary in case of server issue.

Debugger tools

Check API responses, debug storage errors and more.

An AWS-powered and auto-scalable video transcoding servers farm.

Storage debugger

Get useful information and tips to fix your storage issues.

Media URL debugger

Media URL debugger

Get the full cURL session to know exactly if your input files is good.

API debugger

API everywhere

See API responses for Jobs, Metadata and Notifications.