Martin Vicenik

"Behind Dacast's Streaming Magic: Outsourcing Video Transcoding to the Cloud using Coconut"

Streaming Platform
Year founded
San Francisco, California
  • 10+ years in the Industry
  • Over 300,000 organizations stream live video
  • 97 Live Channels created per day

Dacast is a completely integrated video streaming platform that enables all businesses to broadcast audiovisual content and allows viewers to watch free or paid programming.

Dacast makes online video streaming:        

- Easy to broadcast via an ad-free white label system        

- Easy to monetize via video ads, pay-per-view and/or subscriptions.

Using Dacast, publishers of online video can create one or more money-making channels themselves as easily as utilizing Google Adsense.

In addition, Dacast also manages the security of customers’ streams and payments and offers a deep analytics dashboard enabling users to optimize streaming scheduling and advertising revenue.