Martin Vicenik

"Harnessing the Power of the Cloud: How ClassDojo Optimizes Its EdTech Video Platform with Coconut's Video Transcoding"

Learning Platform
Year founded
San Francisco, California
  • Present in over 95% of US schools
  • Reaching ~51 million children
  • 180 countries covered

ClassDojo's mission is to give every child on Earth an education they love. They started by building a network that connects teachers, children, and families.

ClassDojo’s flagship app is the #1 communication app connecting K-8 teachers, children, and families, globally. They use it to share what’s happening throughout the day through photos, videos, messages, and activities. It is actively used at an unprecedented scale: in over 95% of US schools, reaching ~51 million children in ~180 countries, all built by a team of 65 people.

They are now beginning to use this network to give kids the best learning experiences in the world, far beyond those a standard school can provide.