Demultiplexing / Demuxing

Demultiplexing, also known as demuxing, is a fundamental process in digital communication and data transmission. It involves extracting multiple signals or streams from a single composite signal or stream. This technique is commonly used in various applications, including telecommunications, multimedia systems, and networking.

Demultiplexing allows for the separation and routing of different data streams to their respective destinations. It typically involves the use of a demultiplexer, which is a device or circuit that takes in a single input and distributes it to multiple outputs based on control signals.

In digital video and audio transmission, demuxing is used to separate different audio and video streams from a single compressed file. This enables the playback or processing of individual components independently.

Overall, demultiplexing plays a crucial role in efficiently managing and transmitting multiple data streams, enhancing the performance and flexibility of various communication systems.