Bitrate (CBR)

Constant Bitrate (CBR) is a technique used in audio and video encoding to maintain a consistent data rate throughout the entire duration of a media file. In CBR, the encoder allocates a fixed amount of bits per second to encode the content, regardless of the complexity of the data being encoded.

This method ensures a predictable and steady stream of data, which is particularly useful in scenarios where network bandwidth is limited or when streaming media over the internet. CBR is commonly employed in applications such as video conferencing, live streaming, and broadcasting, where a consistent quality and smooth playback are essential.

CBR is advantageous in situations where maintaining a constant data rate is more important than achieving the highest possible quality. However, it may result in wasted bits for less complex sections of the media, as the same amount of data is allocated regardless of content complexity.

Overall, Constant Bitrate is a valuable technique for ensuring a consistent and reliable streaming experience, especially in bandwidth-constrained environments.