Martin Vicenik

Paolo Garri

Director of Technology at Sport1

"Coconut has enabled us, with a dead simple setup, to move our transcoding workflow to the Cloud."

Sport news channel
Year founded
Munich, Germany
  • 7.1 million users
  • $14 Million in revenues
  • 25,481,825 monthly visits

Sport1 chose Coconut to transcode video assets for its Sport channel.

Sport1 is an internationally operating media company. They are usually known as a major Sport Broadcaster, but they are also pushing their software and use many cutting-edge technologies.

During their custom setup of their new Media Asset Management (MAM), they decided to move everything to the Cloud. And Coconut was an obvious choice to deliver their videos in a faster way to their users.

Key benefits for choosing Coconut according to Paolo, CTO at Sport1:

  • Simple and flexible API
  • Both the QoS and performance
  • Easy and fast integration within their Media Asset Management

"The integration was really easy and took no time at all." - Paolo.