Martin Vicenik

Hugh Stephens

Founder at Sked Social

"We've found Coconut to be a fantastic replacement for Elastic Transcoder."

Social Network
Year founded
Melbourne, Victoria
  • Over 10,000 companies use the platform
  • Cross-platforms app
  • Managing more than 100,000 Instagram accounts

Sked Social decided to outsource its video encoding activity with Coconut.

Sked Social lets businesses better plan and publish their content to social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google My Business and YouTube. We help brands from small business through to global enterprise companies plan and share their visual marketing content.

Key benefits for choosing Coconut according to Liam, Founder of Sked Social:

  • A far more reasonable pricing compared to Elastic Transcoder
  • The API is well documented
  • the speed that Coconut delivers video is great

"As powerful as Amazon, but without the huge amount of complexity we experienced with those." - Hugh.