Martin Vicenik

Liam Mclaney

Co-Founder and CTO at OnJam

"We love Coconut! Their video transcoding API was a breeze to use!"

Year founded
London, UK
  • Thousands of concerts
  • Tools for artists to stream and monetize content
  • Where fans and artists connect

OnJam partnered with Coconut to outsource video encoding for its online concerts platform.

OnJam enables performers and creators to produce and monetize high quality virtual concerts. They create their own branded channel, sell secure digital tickets, broadcast in HD and high fidelity audio or sell access to their videos on demand.

In a nutshell, it is an online concerts platform where music fans gather to watch live and recorded shows, connect with artists and support them directly.

Key benefits for choosing Coconut according to Liam, Co-Founder & CTO at OnJam:

  • A simple but powerful API
  • Having a working prototype within a few hours
  • The support is super accessible when compared to the competition

"We've been using Coconut for over a month now and it's been working brilliantly." - Liam.