Coconut is our main transcoding system thanks to its speed, scalability, integrity and high availability.

Martin Vicenik

Paco Fernandez

CTO at Flumotion

Year founded
Barcelona, Spain
  • 9 Streaming Awards since 2006
  • Work with major brands (Nike, RTVE..)
  • Cross-Platforms / Cross-Devices

Flumotion relies on Coconut to transcode video assets for its Live and VOD platform.

Flumotion allows, in a completely cloud environment, to manage in a very user-friendly way the broadcasting of audiovisual content through the Internet, either VOD or LIVE streaming.

Key benefits for choosing Coconut according to Paco, CTO at Flumotion:

  • Reliable and full-featured API
  • Coconut's technology partners such as Amazon Web Services
  • Very competitive price

"Our integration process with Coconut was easy and simple!" - Paco.