Martin Vicenik

Santi Herrero

CO-Founder and CTO at Edpuzzle

"Coconut has been a key service for us during our rapid growth in schools around the world."

Learning Platform
Year founded
San Francisco, California
  • 8 millions video lessons
  • 35 millions students
  • 70% US schools

Why EdPuzzle chose Coconut as transcoding partner for their learning platform?

Edpuzzle is an easy-to-use platform where you can make any video your lesson. With just one click, you can find video lessons created by other teachers. Another click and you can adapt that video by embedding your own questions or audio. Once you're done, assign it to your students and get beautiful hassle-free analytics.

Edpuzzle - Make any vdeo your lesson

Key benefits for choosing Coconut according to Santi, CTO at EdPuzzle:

  • Only a few lines of code to set up a complex video pipeline
  • Capability of handling a vast variety of video files and formats
  • Tailored pricing plan

"We barely have to think of our video infrastructure, it just works." - Santi.