What is Video Transcoding?

Video Transcoding, also called video encoding, is the process that converts a video file from one format to another, to make videos viewable across different platforms and devices.

Why Transcoding A Video?

Video Transcoding is the name used to refer to the digital to digital conversion of data. Most of the times, transcoding a video is done due to some of the circumstances listed below:

  • When the target device does not support the format that the original data is in.
  • When the target device has a reduced capacity such that the capacity of the original file will have to be reduced so that it can fit to the new format.
  • In order to convert incompatible and obsolete file types into a modern format that is better supported by the new device.

The process of video transcoding is normally a two-step process. The first part of the process is decoding. This is whereby the original data is transferred to an uncompressed format. The second part of the process is the re-encoding whereby the data will now be transferred to the new device in the desired format.

One of the most important reasons why video transcoding is done is when you need to transfer or upload files onto websites and other video sharing sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo. In this case, you will need to transcode the data in the video into one of the formats that are supported by the particular site. The other major application of video transcoding is when you need upload files into your own website. You have to make sure that you upload videos in the format that is most appropriate for your site. The third application is when you want to transfer video content from one device to another. Transcoding is also used in the home in the home PC software when you want to transcode say MPEG-2 files into either MPEG-4 or H.264 format.

From Video Transcoding To Cloud Video Transcoding

Video transcoding has come a long way. The need for transcoding purposes was necessitated by the rapid change in the digital media that records media and the increasing need to have video content in different video formats such as MP4, WebM VP8, AVI and soon VP9. Originally video transcoding was limited to the change of video files from one device to the other. The video transcoding software was supposed to be purchased and installed in ones appliances. However, cloud video transcoding has changed the world of video transcoding.

Cloud video transcoding is a service that is offered to benefit broadcasters and large production companies that have lots of video content that they need to transform to different formats for use on the web. There are many cloud video transcoding apps that have come up. Some of the most efficient of these cloud video transcoding platforms are so efficient that they can change a single file format into 120 different versions that support the different web applications that are found on the web.

Cloud video transcoding has therefore totally transformed the practice of transcoding. This is because with the platform, you do not need to install any video encoding software to your PCs or other devices. All that you have to do is sign up for an account with the cloud video encoding services provider. Most have an online interface whereby you can upload the original video content and have it transformed into the different formats that you desire.

Video Transcoding, What's Next?

With the advent of cloud video transcoding, it is safe to predict that the process of video transcoding will only keep getting better. The companies that are involved in designing the cloud video transcoder are also busy trying to outdo each other when it comes to the provision of reliable video transcoding services. It's therefore safe to predict that in the next few years, cloud video transcoding and video transcoding in general will be more reliable than it has been in the past. The improvements will also see the cost of the transcoding processes go down and the services will be more affordable. In short, the practice of video transcoding will only get better with time.

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