Video Transcoding Software

Video transcoding software, also called video encoding software, is a product of incompatibility between different media platforms. Video transcoding allows you to change the format of the video file, to one that you can use with your chosen media player.

Video Transcoding Process

So, it is software used for video conversion: with it you can convert one video format into another. For example .avi files, which are used by Windows Media Player, cannot play Apple TV, unless you have a video transcoding software. The software will allow you to change the format of the .avi file to one playable by Apple TV.

The formats you can transcode your videos to are many. It depends on the media player you choose to use, sometimes you can just find a different one that will play the video format. Other times you'll need to transcode your video to a different format. Like if you wanted to use your video on an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android. They require a smaller file that uses less memory, due to the limited memory available in those items. The file must also be playable on different sized, yet smaller screens.

Video transcoding software can convert your video from nearly any format. But, to run this kind of software, you need powerful video encoders to make this heavy video transcoding process fast and efficient.

Video Transcoding Formats

The different available formats are all different, so keep this in mind when you choose to transcode something. While media players can't play all of the formats, they usually have a wide array of formats they do support. Let's take Windows Media Player for an example. It supports these formats: .asf, .asx, .avi, .wav, .wma, .wax, .wm, .wmv, .wvx.

From those .avi is the most common. It's also quite old, and better formats, with better quality, are now available, such as MP4, Webm VP8 and soon VP9, H265 and HEVC. Video formats have evolved, and are constantly improving.

There's a wide variety of formats available through out the media platform or web browsers, although the amount makes video transcoding solution face a challenge. Can it transcode all the different types? From the examples above, they can do most of them, but all of them is a difficult achievement.

However, video formats aren't the only things that evolve. Video transcoding software does as well, and again with the given example above. Live transcoding is a step forward, and surely there will be more.

Video Transcoding and Transcoder

All in all, video formats require a  video transcoding system or video transcoder for them, so they can be shared across all available platforms. If it weren't for that, you wouldn't be able to watch something on your iPod, or take a video from your iPhone and put it on your computer. Sure, it would probably work between an iPod and an iPad, but that's still limiting. Instead, having video transcoding software allows people to share their content everywhere. It's because of this that it's so useful, and it can't be ignored. Media is an important aspect of our lives. The internet, everywhere we look there's some form of media.

So if you ever need run into problems with your video, you can always transcode it to the appropriate format, or find a different media player. The options are there, and it might seem intimidating with that many, but it's just best to take it one step at a time and transcode.

Coconut can transcode from and to any format, codecs and devices.

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