Video Transcoder

A Video Transcoder, often called a video encoder, is a dedicated server on which a video transcoding software runs.

An Introduction To Video Transcoding

The notion of video transcoding refers to encoding video files from one particular format to another. One of the main reasons why many people rely on these programs nowadays is that some video files cannot be played or supported by certain devices. This is where this program steps in and transcodes the video file into a universally-accepted format, in order to make it compatible with the client device. Generally speaking, the video transcoding process is performed manually, although there are programs that automatically transcode the file into a temporary format that can be played.

How A Video Transcoder Works

The mechanism of action is very simple: during the video transcoding process, the initial format is sampled down to 720p or even lower - this depends mainly on the video resolution of the original file, as well as on the computing power of the device where the video file will be played. The video size and the bit rate of the file will be slightly reduced - however, the overall quality of the video is not dramatically affected.

Despite the fact that video transcoders can deal with a plethora of video files, formats and platform such as AVI, MP4, MKV, H264, WebM, Android, iOS or Windows Mobile. The quality of the video and the sound remain the same. Nonetheless, it is important to make sure that there is enough bandwidth in order to stream the video, especially if the bit rate is high.

The classic video transcoder has greatly evolved over the years, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. Nowadays, these programs use state-of-the-art video transcoding technologies to give users full control over the video conversion process. Besides, software development companies add new features, functions and video codecs (with soon H265, HEVC and VP9) to the transcoding software on a monthly basis, to improve their products even more.

The newest programs are feature-rich and they are designed to convert between the most commonly used video and audio formats. They can capture and rip DVDs/CDs/VCDs, they come with extensive sets of transcoding parameters aimed at fine tuning and adjusting the video along with filters designed to enhance the quality of the video and audio files.

Video Transcoder In The Cloud

The cloud video transcoder is a relatively new innovation that aims to make the transcoding process easier and more user-oriented. To put it simply, cloud video transcoding encompasses the same features and functions as the classic video transcoder, the sole difference is that it is Internet-based. The cloud video transcoder has several benefits, and one of them is that you do not need to download, install and maintain any kind of tricky software. In addition to this, the increased flexibility associated with the cloud video transcoder is another notable advantage - you can access this software regardless of your location.

Moreover, operating a cloud video transcoder is often more affordable than having to purchase and renew the license for the traditional transcoder as we know it. The online video transcoder is easy to use, comprehensive and hassle-free, this is why it is used by millions of amateur and professional video editors worldwide.

Why Use A Video Transcoder

The answer is very simple: if you have a large screen (be it the TV monitor, the desktop monitor or the screen of your smartphone) and you want the videos to play smoothly and beautifully, then you must use a video transcoder that allows it to play as optimally as possible.

A high-quality transcoder relies on multi-bit renditions of various sizes - these renditions are designed to adjust the video file so that it meets the requirements of the device used to play it. This way, the size, speed and the video encoding quality of the file will be significantly improved. All you need to know in order to use this video encoding software is the screen resolution of your device, along with the Internet connection rates - after that, you can easily customize the rendition process for each file, quickly and effortlessly!

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