Rackspace Cloud Files

Rackspace Cloud Files is basically an online object-based data storage service provided by Rackspace. It is a cost effective way that you can use to store and retrieve your files through a web service Representation State Transfer (REST) API, MyRackspace customer portal, or via the company’s Cloud Control Panel. The service allows users to store unlimited amount of data ranging in size from several bytes to large terabyte sized files. However, the amount of storage allocated to each user grows or shrinks depending on his or her usage. You can add as many files as you want or as few as you require without having to worry about space, over-buying, or under-utilizing your storage. With Rackspace Cloud Files, users only pay for what they use. The amount of storage you use is basically at your discretion. Cloud Files infrastructure is based in several locations in the United States and the UK. The service has a global footprint which makes it possible for users to host their clouds closer to their customers for top speed service.

Rackspace Cloud Files Key Features

One of the most important features of this service is the easy and secure access of Cloud Files stored by developers or other users via MyRackspace customer portal, The Rackspace Cloud Control Panel, and other third party tools. You can also access your files via REST web services, PHP, C#/.NET, Java, Python, and Ruby platforms. The service caters for all types of clients in diverse industries including web designers and developers, e-Commerce services and IT services, rich media sites, test and development websites, social media sites, Consulting, and Software companies among many others.

As an excellent solution for data storage needs, Cloud Files comes with a number of useful applications such as data backup or archive, ability to stream videos and images via the users’ browsers, and developer-friendly storage that allows integration of diverse applications. Another great feature of this service is the Bulk Import functionality. This is a feature that allows users to send physical media from Rackspace to datacenters. This helps in reducing time and bandwidth charges a user would have to bear when uploading large data files using a standard connection to each individual datacenter.

Rackspace Cloud Files Storage System

Users of Cloud Files can store their objects or data in unlimited file sizes. This is made possible by the use of the system’s Large File Support which allows users to upload as many large chunks of data as they want and even map or organize the files with a manifest file. A single chunk can be as large as 5 Gigabytes. The system is powered by OpenStack technology which Rackspace founded in collaboration with NASA. Rackspace developers contributed immensely in the creation of the source code that eventually became OpenStack Object Storage software.

Rackspace Cloud Files is probably the largest production deployment that uses OpenStack Object Storage. It is the best option when you are unable to predict the amount of cloud storage you will need in future. This is because you pay as your storage grows and you can use as little or as much storage as you want. The service further allows you to use its RackConnect feature which gives you the option to host your files either from a dedicated server or from Rackspace cloud servers on the same network.

Rackspace Cloud Files Pricing

Rackspace Cloud Files gives you the opportunity to store unlimited files and media without upfront costs or costly long-term contracts. The service has an affordable pay-as-you-grow price structure in which the more a user stores the more he or she saves. Rackspace Cloud Files pricing is basically calculated according to storage usage, the amount of data transfer, and the amount of file requests in a given period. Storage price starts at just $0.10 per Gigabyte. Outward bound data transfer will only cost you $0.12 per GB while inward bound transfer is not charged at all. There are no charges for requests, operations, and bandwidth from Cloud Files to your CDN. You will neither be charged for support nor for POST, List, Delete, and HTTP and CDN requests. The service comes with a Cloud Files SLA which provides a guarantee for 99.9% service uptime for a given billing cycle. You can store unlimited amounts of data and media files at Rackspace Cloud Files with the guarantee and confidence of accessing your files any time of day or night.

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