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MP4 Encoder

MP4 is one of the most recent video containers. It is also the official video container defined by the MPEG-4 standard. It is highly regarded because it allows you to combine several multimedia streams into one single video file. Moreover, it supports full video streaming and offers user interactivity, such as DVD authoring menus.

Introduction To MP4 Encoder

When people or companies upload their videos on a webpage or video sharing sites, the videos must be in a format that can be played in different types of devices. MP4 is one of the most common formats for both audio and video content. MP4 basically combines several multimedia tracks into a single format. An MP4 encoder is software that encodes video files from other formats into MP4 which is fully compatible with MP4 players such as iPhones, DVD players, PSP, Xbox 360, and most Smartphone devices among others. An MP4 encoder is also necessary when you want to edit video content in applications that can only support files in MP4 format. A good professional MP4 converter makes video conversion a breeze.

There are many MP4 encoder software designs in the digital market today. The best choice would definitely be one that assists you to create MP4 files fast and easily from different formats such as WMV, FLV, WebM, ASF, AVI, and MOD among others. It should also easily allow you to encode both MP4 video and audio files to audio formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, and M4R among others.

The Numerous Benefits Of MP4

One may ask why anyone would need an MP4 encoder rather than a converter for the other formats. This is simply because MP4 combines several types of multimedia tracks into a single output format. MP4 is a short form of the abbreviation MPEG and another name for the .mp4 file extension. This helpful format is a creation of the Motion Pictures Experts Group hence the name MPEG. The group is recognized for setting standards in digital video compression. MPEG files not only play exceptionally well on computers and mobile devices but also come in smaller sizes than other videos of similar quality. They are also compatible with 2D and 3D animations which have become popular in the gaming industry. MP4 technology has also made it possible to create very small file sizes for use in iPod videos and MP4 players.

The iPod is actually an MP4 player despite the fact that its manufacturers seem to distance their product from the MP4 tag. Converting a file into MP4 format helps to compress the file into a significantly small size without affecting its overall quality. This format is widely used in streaming online videos and on mobile devices. An MP4 converter therefore provides consumers with the most convenient way of converting video and audio content into a high quality format that is compatible with portable devices.

MP4 Encoder And Settings

The evolution of the MP4 encoder has always followed the same core functionality which is to convert digital video and audio content into MPEG format. This should be the main function to look for when looking for a good MP4 converter. Besides this core functionality, one should also look for an MP4 encoder that comes with multiple features, is easy to use, and with high conversion speed. The quality of its output should not be overlooked. Different converters come with different levels of conversion speed and output quality. Some of the best converters have a speed of around 1 minute of conversion per 5 video minutes. However, the quality of the output video should not be compromised for the sake of speed. It is also important to consider the encoder's features which not only facilitate quick conversion but also allow some level of customization. Some of these customization features include the ability to add a watermark to a video, crop the converted video, and add effects such as external sounds, brightness, and contrast. The MP4 converter should also support several output formats besides MP4.

It should be capable of converting video and audio content into AVI and other MPEG formats such as MP3. A good converter provides the user with a list of specific preset output devices such as iPod, tablets, or Blackberry phones. This makes it easy for non-technologically savvy users to encode videos to formats that can playback on their devices. It is also important to get an MP4 encoder from a company that has excellent technical support in case you run into some technical problems with the software. The manufacturer should provide phone or email support besides an efficient and fast online support ticket system. This will ensure that your MP4 encoder works perfectly at all times.