HTML5 Video Player

If you want to play a video into a modern web browser in an easy and reliable way, you need to use a HTML5 video player. The software can play almost all video files, including MP4, WebM and Ogg. An HTML5 player also supports all the modern as well as old web browsers with HTML5 video and Flash fallback. But before dealing with the best HTML5 video players, we need to define what HTML5 video is.

HTML5 Video

HTML5 Video is one of the most interesting and well supported features in HTML5. The video tag is one of the features that have gained a lot of attention in the recent years. It is normally presented as an alternative to Flash in the media. However, it is important to note that, this feature is more than just a video. The capabilities and the support of HTML5 player across browsers have recently gained a lot of prominence. One of the main advantages of this feature is the natural integration with the other layers of the web development stacks such as JavaScript, CSS and other HTML tags.

The introduction of the HTML5 video player specification was done in order to enable the playing of video and movies. This partially replaced the object element. The creation of the HTML5 video player was mainly intended to become the standard way of showing videos on the web without having to use proprietary plugins. However, this development has been hampered by lack of agreement on the type of video formats that should be supported in the web browsers. The user agents are free to use whichever video format they feel it's good for their browser. There are a few things that you should do in your browser in order for you to be able to use the video. You can include video formats that will act as fall-backs in case your browser fails to support one of the video formats. You can also use a single video format. However, the HTML5 player working group considers it important to have an ideal video format with good impression and image quality, a hardware video decoder and one which is royalty-free.

Best HTML5 Video Player

As stated earlier, there are various HTML5 Video players in the market. SublimeVideo, FlowPlayer, Video.js and JWPlayer are some of the HTML5 players available. Here is a look at each of them.


SublimeVideo provides the user with a site universal playback of their videos in any browser or device. This HTML5 video player maximizes the use of the HTML5 in the latest browsers. The player also provides full support to the legacy browsers with an automatic Flash fallback. This player offers free and premium options. The player ensures that your videos look great and presentable in any browser.

SublimeVideo provides the user with several advantages. To start with, the player provides a reliable video play in any device or browser. This means that, if you are using this HTML5 player, you don't have to worry about your browser because the player supports all types of browsers. The player provides the user with a simple plug-and-play option. Thus you can play your videos anywhere even when on the move without having to worry about the ongoing transition from Flash to HTML5.

Another benefit that comes with SublimeVideo player is the ability to update itself. This is due to the fact that the player was delivered as a cloud service. This enables the user of this player to let it go to work just like it is the case with the Flash player without having to worry about the quality of the videos. The reliability of this HTML5 player makes it suitable for all the browsers. It provides the user with freedom and makes them have confidence when using it.

The graphical designs of the SublimeVideo player are also superb. Unlike other players, the SublimeVideo player enables the user to create great interfaces with minimal or no constraints. The position, size and  shape of the controls are not predetermined and it is the work of the user to determine the interface they want. This opens a whole new chapter of enhanced user experiences, branding as well as an increased user engagement. The SublimeVideo team called that: the Tailor-Made SublimeVideo Players.

It is however, worth noting that, the developer of SublimeVideo has since improved the player and created SublimeVideo Framework. The SublimeVideo Framework has a wonderful graphic engine network. The graphic engine drawing framework has a pixel perfect level cross browser rendering. This player also supports complex shapes that are drawn with lines, arcs and also curves. The player also has the ability to draw vector graphics with different resolutions and is compatible with many font systems. The SublimeVideo Framework comes with many innovative features: modular architecture, YouTube and Google Analytics integration, social sharing plugins, responsive design, playlist support and more.


FlowPlayer is an open source video player for the web. You can use FlowPlayer to embed video streams into your browser. The player is built for business people, hobbyists, serious programmers as well as the developers.  This HTML video player has the customize option that enables the user to create their own video streams. The latest version of this player has a fixed bug that makes urls clip handling completely different in the configuration and API methods wrt url-escaping.

One of the main advantages of this player is that, it is available as a free download. This means that, it is possible for any person to download it and install it. Therefore, before you try the other players that are normally bought, one can try this one out. The free version offers all the features that are available in the other versions.

The ability to customize the player is another advantage that is presented by FlowPlayer. It is possible to add the features that you want in this player in order to make it better. You can customize the player and put it on your browser in order to stream your video from a global network.

FlowPlayer can support a variety of media formats. This means that you will not have problems when using different media formats in your browser. You can change from one media to another without having to worry if the player will support the media or not.

Many great options are available to make FlowPlayer one of the most complete player in the market: Google Analytics, cuepoints, native fullscreen, keyboard shortcuts, subtitles, slow motion, random seeking and Retina display.


Video.js is a JavaScript and a CSS based and enables the user to build a customized HTML5 video player. This player has been built with the inconsistencies of other browsers in mind. It is an open source and free HTML5 video player that has unique features that make the player one of the best.

Video.js HTML5 player has an inbuilt HTML/CSS common controls skin. This means that, you will not have a fragmented control system. You can use the common control button to do all you want to do in your video. You can modify and make the interface look the way you want it to be using the common control skin. This acts like a single code that the user can use to program the player.

Video.js also fixes cross browser inconsistences. Some of the inconsistences that are witnessed when using other players are solved when you use this player. There is no uncertainty when using this HTML5 player in playing the HTML5 video. The player will encounter absolutely no difficulties when choosing the browser that the videos will run. All the inconsistences are corrected by the player.

You can also customize Video.js. The player provides the user with a chance to add additional features such as subtitles and full screen. This will enable you to create the kind of HTML5 video that you could wish to have. You can add the subtitles where you deem them necessary and add other features that will make the player to function in a better manner. For example you can make the player able to accept the latest technology and also adapt to different devices such as tablets, or smartphones. This means that, this player can adapt to a variety of situations.

This HTML5 player also manages and supports the fallback to Flash or other technologies when the HTML5 video is not supported. This means that, the player is able to handle both the old and the new technologies. The fallback feature means that you will not be disappointed when using this player. You will still have a video even when the HTML5 video fails to work on your browser as was expected. The last advantage of this player is that, it provides a consistent JavaScript API for interacting with the HTML5, Flash and other similar playback technologies.


JWPlayer will provide you with the best video viewing experience in both HTML5 and Flash. This player will also enable you to enjoy video in your mobile device, desktop and tablet. It is a great solution if you want to publish videos on your website. To install this player, you need to have an advanced beginner's knowledge. The set up wizard will require you to have some programming knowledge in order to successfully do the job. You can customize the player in order to improve the online video viewing experience.

JWPlayer users can customize this player. You can use the 8 PNG skins or design your own. This means that, you can create a new look player that will make your HTML5 video attractive. This will make your video experience enjoyable.

JWPlayer also enables the user to create their own video interaction page. The user can also connect the player to other contents and interactions using JavaScript API. This means that, the user will not only have the videos on their browser but they can also allow other to see and comment on their videos. They can interact with other users through the player.

Users of this player can also adjust the video quality if they feel that their videos are not of good quality. You can switch to the HD technology and adjust the video to a high standard and definition. This means that you can have videos of the best quality. The user can have the videos of their choice on their browsers.

Another benefit that you will get when you use JWPlayer is that, you will be able to add languages to your videos and browser. The platform has closed captions and subtitles that drive SEO. This also provides the user with the chance of improving accessibility. This means that you can have a browser that has the features that you wish to have.

You can also try the free version before using the other players that are premium. The player is free for the non-commercial purposes.

HTML5 Video Player In a Nutshell

We have just introduced the four best HTML5 video players. So, now comes the time to choose the one that suits your project. If you are looking for a cutting edge customization level, a beautiful interface and a professional look and feel, you can definitely go with SublimeVideo with your eyes closed. Note that SublimeVideo offers two version: free (with their logo) and premium (with yours). They also provide a wide range of exclusive features and add-ons, such as modular architecture, YouTube and Google Analytics integration, social sharing plugins, responsive design, playlist support, subtitles, retina display, player API, HD support and more.

If you need a free and open source HTML5 video player, Video.js will be the best choice. However, some programming knowledges are required to integrate this HTML5 player in your workflow.

The Coconut team will help you to integrate one of these players in your video workflow at any moment. So, don't hesitate to contact us.

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