HTML5 Video Encoding

HTML5 is a kind of revolution in the digital video world. Why? Simply because it enables native video playback in all modern web browsers thanks to the new <video> tag.

HTML5 Video

This is a major step in video because you don't need to rely on the Flash plugin anymore. So from now, any device that does not support Flash can play video. Nevertheless, HTML5 Video needs specific video standards to publish videos and make them viewable. Many formats such as WebM, Ogg or even MP4 are sufficient. But what happens if your video file doesn't meet these video specification? An HTML5 video encoder is then necessary to get the right video format. For this purpose, you can outsource video transcoding using a dedicated video encoder.

HTML5 is the most prevalent programming language used in the creation of Web pages. HTML5 video encoding has become essential for Web developers due to the vast range of Web enhancements offered by the language. It has tremendously improved the quality of rich media and the Geolocation capabilities of devices. HTML5 can also now be used to script APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). HTML5 video encoding can be a simple process and can enable the easy distribution of pre-existing video data without the need to produce new material. For aspiring Web developers, it is imperative to find and master a trusted HTML5 video encoder or HTML5 video converter.

HTML5 Video Converter or HTML5 Vider Encoder

A HTML5 video encoder or HTML5 video converter lets users upload video in its original format and will then automatically go through the whole HTML5 video encoding process, producing a complete HTML5 encoded file without the need for users to manually embed each code. A HTML5 video converter also allows you to upload files in a batch quantity and will then convert them into the HTML5 format with the click of a button. Whether you have a Mac or Windows enabled device, a HTML5 video encoder has the facility for users to ‘drag and drop' files into system and it will then convert them to HTML5 in minutes. Most encoders support MP4, WebM, and OGG, among many others such as AVI, WMV, MKV, MPEG2 or MOV, as source formats.

An online HTML5 video encoder is a good option for developers. However different individuals and businesses have different needs so it is worth having a look at all the HTML5 video converter options available online. As previously mentioned, an online HTML5 video encoder permits an especially easy and speedy option for converting videos.

HTML5 video encoding enables the effective distribution of video data over a wide range of platforms and devices. HTML5 is a form of video playback which is supported by the vast majority of all iOS, Android, and Windows smart phones and devices. HTML5 video encoding makes it possible for Web developers to make website videos playable on every target device.

HTML5 is also the programming language of choice for all of the most well-known Web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9. And it is also worth using a HTML5 video converter to convert data to the new format as even older versions of these Web browsers will be able to play HTML5 formatted content because the video player software will fall back to Flash. For future development this makes HTML5 video encoding absolutely necessary.

HTML5 Video Format

Actually, there are three video formats supported natively by some browsers. Unfortunately, there is no universal one, so you will have to convert your video into three video formats if you want to be sure that your video is viewable on all browsers.

  • For Safari, Chrome and IE9, you can use H264 video codec, AAC or MP3 audio codec and .MP4 as the video container.
  • For the other browsers, you should use Theora video codec, Vorbis audio codec and Ogg video as the video container (Ogg-Theora combination).
  • For mobile use, the best option is H.264 video codec, AAC or MP3 audio codec and .MP4 as the video container. If you follow these video specifications, your video should play on many devices such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Xbox, PS3, and PSP.

Coconut's video encoding software will definitely help you to find the best balance to meet HTML5's video requirements. In addition, you can automate the entire video conversion system thanks to our flexible video encoding API and our powerful video encoder.

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