Coconut is’s main competitor is a video encoding platform powering web companies in the entertainment, telecommunications, lifestyle, eLearning and advertising. It blends a SaaS model that has integrations AWS and Rackspace cloud computing platforms. enables publishers to scale without necessarily having to install the expensive video infrastructure. One of the features of the is that, it supports all popular mobile and web video formats that utilize encoding intelligence. This means that, the processing and the display of the device is accelerated. History has its headquarters in San Francisco California. The company also has offices in other cities such as New York, Denver,CO and in St. Petersburg, Russia. was born in 2007. The main reason for the developer coming up with this idea was to develop a platform that could enable companies and individuals to do video transcoding with relative ease. The start of this project was not easy and the developer was faced with financial constraints. The developer was not able to raise enough money to put the entire necessary infrastructure in place. This made the encoding service less effective especially in addressing the most important needs such as ongoing support for new formats. The infrastructure was also had a low processing capacity to meet spikey project demands.

Despite all the above challenges, was quickly recognized as good video encoder. This came in 2008 when the company was selected as an amazon startup challenge finalist. From that time, has become a real player in the transcoding industry. The transcoding service has been adopted by different companies in the entertainment industry, media brands, enterprises, lifestyle brands and this platform has grown over the years.

The development of is still ongoing. This is a platform that is expected to benefit many clients especially those in the media and the entertainment industry. It is a good solution for delivering video to different devices and platforms. Competitors

Coconut is one of’s main competitors and does offer great and exclusive features:

  • - More than 50% cheaper offering only USD $0.015 per minute for HD outputs
  • - Unlimited free tests thanks to FREE plan environment
  • - 24/7 email/phone support with real human beings, no forum
  • - Unlimited transcoding pipelines to avoid queue times
  • - A powerful API for HLS, MPEG-DASH, Video Preview
  • - Unlimited API Requests
  • - Unlimited concurrent jobs
  • - Unlimited concurrent downloads
  • - No file size limits
  • - Blazing fast transcoding up to 10 times faster
  • - Agile and neat integration with any CDN
  • - Pioneer in cloud video encoding since 2006

Coconut is now in the leading line in the provision of high volume transcoding, programming editing, video hosting and adaptive bitrate packaging. Thus Coconut can be described as a video workflow automation company that works to simplify video workflow challenges that are complex. The users of this platform can transcode their videos with relative ease.

Coconut has several features that make the platform good for the users. It has dedicated video encoding servers, high speed ingest and an SLA backed queue time that make it faster than the rest. It also has a programmatic editing ability that enables the user to create their own video formats. The programmatic editing feature has an automatic thumbnails generation and an extensive watermarking tool that enable editing to take place. Video overlay and engaging video previews are also notable editing features. In A Nutshell can ingest and decode many video formats. It has good presets for the HTML5 browsers, smartphones, flash, OTT devices and tablets.

The platform also has an option that can enable the user to customize the presets. There are also different integration methods in this platform.

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